Week 1 of the NFL regular season saw a lot of unexpected outcomes and performances.  The Patriots losing to the Chiefs, the Steelers barely squeaking by the Browns, a 46 point performance by the LA Rams, the complete cluster that was the Bengals. Then there was Jacksonville, who everyone expected to just lay down and let the Texans dominate. They were led by rookie running back Leonard Fournette and his 100 yard rushing performance.

No one expected a Jacksonville win in Houston.  The atmosphere inside NRG Stadium was phenomenal to start.  The Houston Fans were taking that opportunity to forget about the huge losses and devastation they had just suffered in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. JJ Watt came out of the locker room looking like a man possessed and the stadium erupted.

If that atmosphere had any effect on Fournette he didn’t let it show.  He carried the ball 26 times for exactly 100 yards.  Not enough to be at the top of the statistical leader board , but enough to let the league know who he is.  Enough to draw attention from opposing coaches who now know they have to game plan for him.  His 3.8 yards per carry are respectable for a rookie, add on his 3 receptions for another 24 yards and it seems like he has some potential to be the player the Jaguars build around on offense.

I fully expect and up and down season, he simply doesn’t have the offense around him to spread defenses thin and open up holes.  However this kid has real potential, look for him to be a household name in the next few years.