With their second round pick (52 overall) the Cleveland Browns picked DeShone Kizer, a Quarterback out of Notre Dame.  It is doubtful anyone was shocked to see the Browns take another Quarterback, after all they habitually reach into the bag and pull out another Quarterback to add to the carousel, but is this pick different?  Could Kizer actually be “The Guy” for the next 10 years?  Or even just this entire year?

If they stick with him through the inevitable rough spots that any rookie stumbles upon, he just might make it.  Kizer is loaded with talent, and he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of a great, so the shoes he has to fill are relatively tiny.  Considering he is following guys like Johnny Maziel, Colt McCoy, Brian Hoyer among many (did I mention many?) others he should easily surpass them in no time.  He has the size (6’3 and 230 pounds) to stay in the pocket and the agility to maneuver around a significant amount of threats.  The confidence and the arm strength to send one 50 yards down field and the desire to work hard to get better.

This might be the first time since the Browns came back to Cleveland in 1999 that they have the potential for long term leadership and a future for their franchise.  Lets just hope they understand that no rookie is perfect, there are bumps and bruises that will happen along the way.  They just have to be patient and let this kid grow and learn.  He is one I can’t wait to see mature into a great player.  Don’t screw this up Browns.