Major League Baseball has once again decided to celebrate Independence Day by outfitting its teams based in the United States in Red, White, and Blue.  Each teams hat features their official team logo in the stars and stripes of the American Flag.  They will have a matching jersey and for the first time they will also have matching socks.

The patriotic mood across the league is also enhanced at many of the ball parks.  The Minnesota Twins are donating $5 from each Roof Deck ticket to Folds Of Honor.  In Los Angeles the Dodgers ticket price includes a patriotic t-shirt and a post game fireworks show, The Cleveland Indians are also having fireworks, bobble head night and a block party.  These are just a few of the teams plans but most stadiums with a home game feature something similar.

Americas national pastime takes the extra steps to honor the spirit of the day as well as draw fans to the ballparks.  The additional uniforms, giveaways, and festivities do a great job at making the game a fun celebration of Americas Independence for both the players and the fans alike.

Well done MLB.